Sharing-On-The-Go Technology

SOTG technology is embedded into ShareDrive/SharePlayer/ShareCard lines of USB flash memory pen drives and FlashPoint MP3 SharePlayers. A user can easily download and upload data files between a MP3 SharePlayer or a ShareDrive pen drive and any other USB Memory pen drive or any other USB memory peripheral such as computers and MP3 players.

Xmultiple Technologies licenses its USB Sharing-On-The-Go technology. This revolutionary USB Technology can be used in flash meory drives, cellphones and many other products. . The technology is available in the forthcoming chip called the 3SOTG component.

USB Sharing-On The Go (USB SOTG) was designed as an extension to the USB 2.0 specification, which connects a PC via a USB cable to assorted peripherals. USB SOTG adds a small amount of additional logic, however, which allows a device to copy data and file from one USB drive to another. In practice, this allows USB devices copy information away from a laptop or desktop computer. Insert a thumbdrive to a ShareDrive and upload and download files and folders.

The technology USB SOTG can connect devices as part of a personal-area-network. However, USB SOTG is a wired technology with a USB female connector from one device attached to the USB male connector on another device.

In addition, USB SOTG patents are pending using wireless technologies including Bluetooth integrated with a SharePlayer or ShareDrive. Bluetooth uses radio waves to communicate. USB OTG communicates using a theoretical maximum data rate of 12 Mbits/s, while Bluetooth devices communicate at a theoretical maximum of 1 Mbit/sec, although extensions have been proposed to raise that to 10 Mbits/s.

The SharePlayer and ShareDrive chip is already shipping as part of the company's 3SOTG chipsets.


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