What is ShareCard?

Flash cards are portable data storage used in a variety of electronic products from computers, digital cameras, PDAs, Televisions and more.

Xmultiple has invented the ShareCard to provide users of flash cards a means to copy data away from a computer.

The ShareCard (thumbdrive size) has a built-in flash card reader connector. ShareCard has multiple versions with single and multiple flash card readers.. A user can insert a flash card and copy from the flash card to the flash memory chip in the ShareCard. This means if you have a flash card in a digital camera and you meet a friend for lunch. You can take the flash card out of the camera hand it to the friend who has a FlashPoint ShareCard and have them copy the pictures from the flash card to your ShareCard.....all away from a computer.

This patent pending technology also effects the flash card multiple reader units.....often called x-to-1, such as the 6-to-1, 9-to-1 and the newest 12-to-1 units. These devices read multiple flash cards and can be attached to computers. Xmultiple now provides the capablilty to read the flash card in these devices directly to a integrated flash memory chip. The ShareCard is built into these units.........so you can insert multiple flash cards and copy them into this type of product.

This ShareDrive and ShareCard use our "Sharing On-The-Go technology (SOTG). To learn more about SOTG please click below.


Why would I need a USB ShareCard?

USB flash drives and flash memory cards have become extremely popular over recent months. This is because they have become very inexpensive, can both store large quantities of data and are an ideal way of copying data from one computer to another. ShareCards add one more important element to flash drives devices by integrating the Sharing-On-The-Go technology chip to provide copy capability between flash drives when a user is mobile. ShareCards provide the copy capabilty from flash card to flash drive when a user is mobile.

Previous to ShareCards devices you could never see two people outdoors exchange data and MP3 files while riding skateboards. Go to your kids baseball game and have a friend at the game give you photo's of the game. Your friend has the digital camera but you both have the pictures instantly. No more waiting for a friend, family member or business associate to burn you a copy of pictures, software or other data on their CD burner. Just plug a thumbdrive into a ShareCard and you have the data you want. With the ShareCard just plug a flash card into the ShareDrive and you have the data you want. ShareCards are light weight, and small and will fit into a keyring which makes them the ideal media to carry around. They resist temperature changes, magnetic fields and bumps and knocks (they are solid state) and are the ideal portable storage media. With ShareCards you have the ideal way to exchange information when you are not near a computer. Copying with mobility is now here and it will change how we look at computing.

Sharing On-The-Go Technology

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