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$25.95 Purchase Wall Charger FP01-A01 (US)

$25.95 Purchase Wall Charger - FP01-A02 (European)

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Wall Charger for ShareDrive FP01-A01 (US) and FP01-A02 (European)

Part #: FP01-A01 (US) and FP01-A02 (European)

Wall Charger Features:

USB ShareDrive Wall Outlet Charger
Charge your ShareDrive ....just insert the male USB connector of the ShareDrive into the female USB connector built into the charger.
Input: 100 -240VAC, 0.15A, 50-60Hz
Output: 5.0W (Max)
UL Listed

Description  Car Charger   Availability
6-10 Weeks
Item #  FP01-A01 and FP01-A02 List Price  Qty 1
Manufacturer  Xmultiple Your Price  2-9

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