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Engadget - MP3 SharePlayer

Their new SharePlayer not only pumps out compressed audio but also features Xmultiple's Sharing-On-The-Go firmware allowing you to download files directly from another USB MP3 player by simply "attaching the devices and pressing a button" — no need for a pesky PC in the middle or electrical outlet son, thems for fools dig? And that good SOTG works just as well for downloading photographs or data from your USB equipped digicam or cellphone. We're not clear if they still require data to be stored in the "load" directory for all this "computerless" download lovin' but there's no denying SOTG's (aka, USB On-The-Go) potential convenience


Home Toys - October 2005

Why ShareDrives Mobile Strategy

The ability to copy files and folders while away from the office computer is a growing requirement of modern business. Businesses who want to be competitive cannot ignore the fact that we live in an expanding mobile world. The mobile requirement encompasses all levels of management and personnel from the President of a company to a sales person who is calling on potential customers daily. CEOs and company management are using, in abundance, portable devices such as laptop computers and personal digital assistants (PDAs). This portability is now extending to ShareDrives and Sharing-On-The–Go technology built into products such as cellphones, PDAs and digital camera. FlashPoint ShareDrives are changing the way people work by providing a means to move data without electrical outlets, computers or laptops.


Bios Magazine - October 2005

Xmultiple has developed a new and patent-pending technology
called SharePlayer
. The technology provides you with the freedom
to transfer files between flash drives, 'Sharing-On-The-
Go' (SOTG), without the need of a laptop computer or
cumbersome USB bridges.

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Real Tech News by Alice Hill - September 2005

We’re noticing a growing trend where the computer is slowly being pulled out of the equation or at least made optional when it comes to communication between various devices. Digital cameras can print without touching a PC, and this past week, we covered the SD card to SD card copier, and today, the ShareDrive allows you to share files between USB devices without a PC.

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The-Gadgeteer by Julie Strietelmeier

Looks sorta like an iPod Shuffle, but it's a USB flash drive with a female USB connector on one end. You can use this device to copy the contents of other USB flash drives. No computer needed.

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Gizmag - Submitted RSS feed

June 8, 2005 The ShareDrive is a new
type of USB thumb drive that allows users to copy
data stored in the ShareDrive flash memory to
another flash drive or a USB device such as an MP3
player or digial camera WITHOUT a computer. The
new ShareDrives have an integrated
female USB connector so users can plug a cable or
another device into the same USB port in which the
ShareDrive is attached, chaining devices.
Computerless copying to another sharedrive is
compelling functionality

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Le Journal du Geek - Par NeoAngel, mercredi 8 juin 2005 à 10:10

C'est électronique donc fun ! :: #973
Je viens de découvrir ces nouvelles clés USB qui pourraient s'avérer fort pratique, disponible en plusieurs coloris avec deux capacités différents,
soit 1Go, soit 2Go, je vous présente les ShareDrive 1G - Model FS100 et 2G - Model FS200 par FlashPoint ShareDrive, qui propose en plus un
port USB sur la la clé en elle-même

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World CAD Access by Ralph Grabowski

"One barrier to eliminating the computer from digital photography is USB. It was designed under the assumption that the computer is the host, and that all other devices plug into the computer.BlueTooth, on the other hand, was exactly designed for communication between any two devices. Problem, though, is that BlueTooth is rare and is v-e-r-y slow, expecially when dealing with the huge files created by digital camera photographs and movies. Xmultiple has designed a new technology called ShareDrive, this technology will allow for users to send data from one FlashPoint device to another ShareDrive device, or to any flash memory-based drive currently on the market. With both male and female USB connectors, you simply connect any old flash memory keychain, press the transfer button, and your files get sent over to the other device."

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PC World By Melissa Perenson

"Plug one drive into the other, hit a button, and you can copy files from one drive to the other. The drive copies only files stored in the /share directory, and it does not sync files between drives."

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CNET By Juniper Foo

"Now this is nifty, which has us wondering why we're still using conventional USB flash drives in Singapore. Xmultiple's USB ShareDrive completely does away with the PC or laptop, and mates with another ShareDrive to transfer files in secs. A tiny integrated battery powers the transfer while a female connector on the backside lets you plug in another device which it'll recognize. The catch: It'll copy only files stored in the Share directory, and won't sync data between drives. To recharge the batt, simply plug into a standard USB computer port."

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Engadget by Joshua Fruhlinger

"Say you’re a, erm, how to put this, proactive businessman with some important files on your Flash card. Say, then, you want to give those important files to a type-B assistant. Normally, you would have to get to a computer or laptop, transfer the files to the hard drive, and then transfer them again to the other stick. With the ShareDrive, you simply mate the two devices and let the transfer love begin. Cue up some Barry White, baby, and you’ve got a computer-free transfer goin’ on. Awww, yeah."

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The Mobile Mag by Fabrizio Pilato

"Current flash memory devices on the market sadly have no way of transferring files to you, this would only work for sending files, unless another FlashPoint device is present, then you can exchange files both ways.."

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The Unreasonable Man by Ian Yorston

"USB flash drives are a new wave in portable data storage. ShareDrive takes this technology one step further."

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February, 2005

Home Toys Review -

Sharedrives are the first product to provide copy capability away from your computer. This is an important product for anyone on the go and away from their computer.

February, 2005

MacMegaSite Review -

Have you ever wondered how to get those MP3 files to your car and download them without a computer. We have a unique solution to this problem with our new ShareDrive USB Pen Drive.

This new technology is embedded into the USB memory pen drive, which is powered by a small battery, giving the USB Memory Pen Drive the ability to down load and up load data files between a ShareDrive Pen Drive and another USB Memory Pen Drive or the ShareDrive Memory Pen Drive and any other memory peripheral (computer, MP3 player, digital radio, etc.). This new technology gives the user the freedom to transfer files on the “go” without the need to have a laptop computer or cumbersome USB hubs to be able to exchange data between memory devices.

February, 2005

PDA News Review – Bill Landon

SOTG technology is embedded into Xmutliple's ShareDrive line of USB flash memory pen drives and can easily download and upload data files between a ShareDrive pen drive and any other USB Memory pen drive or any other USB memory peripheral such as computers and MP3 players.

Click here for pdf file PDA News article

February, 2005

Gadget Review – The Plain Dealer

“ShareDrives by Xmultiple Technologies is an amazing new device for everyone who owns a computer and wants to use their data away from the laptop or desktop. Copy files such as MP3, video, photo's.....are with the a small Flash memory drive.”

February, 2005

Get Connected On The Go– PEI President John Hunter

" This little device is a tool which everyone needs who wants portability of their data away from there computer. ”



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For More Information Contact:
Mike Basowski

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PC Magazine - 5.1 Million see this magazine monthly.

"No PC - No Problem" - A ShareDrive article in the September 6th issue.

Cnet- Cnet reviews all new products.

"Xmultiple's USB SharePlayer completely does away with the PC or laptop, and mates with another SharePlayer to transfer files in secs"

Gizmodo- The Gadget Weblog

"Clever, clever, SharePlayer. These ShareDrives are standard USB keys with a bit of Share-on-the-Go technology which allows you to swap data sans PC. The possible uses are myriad—perhaps a flash drive relay race in grade schools in which each team passes a bit of data to each other while running the President’s Physical Fitness Test mile? Maybe instead of the torch, Olympic athletes can pass pr0n"?



The SharePlayer drive technology means that a user does not need a desktop, laptop or PDA to copy files while on the go. TheShareDrive has a folder called "Share", used to store files that can be copied to another ShareDrive or USB memory key device that is attached.


I4U-I4U is a 'Technology Life Style Magazine and Shopping Guide

ShareDrives have an integrated female USB connector and the drives have a battery built-in. Pushing a button starts to copy files.