Flash Memory Drive & SharePlayer/ShareDrive Market Information

The experts say “USB-enabled devices will continue their march to ubiquity in electronics products, as total USB-enabled devices will rise from 705.7 million in 2004 to 2.1 billion in 2009. Growth will continue in all categories - PCs, PC peripherals, consumer electronics, and communications devices.”  The number of USB-enabled units is forecasted in the billions.


USB Flash Memory Drives

USB Flash Drive Ownership continues to climb. Consumers who own thumbdrives increase dramatically from 2003 with the following percents.

  • Worldwide 30% increase
  • Asia 12% increase
  • North America 15% increase
  • Latin America 4% increase
  • Western Europe 7% increase
  • Other 2% increases

USB Flash Drive Revenues Growth

The market for USB flash drives is expected to grow from $572 million in 2001, $1.7 billion in 2002, $13 billion in 2003 to $42 billion in 2007, according to Gartner Research. Revenue in 2005 is estimated at over $17 to $20 billion.

USA Today's article by Mr. Gregory Lamb of Christian Science Monitor reported "More than 60 million of these USB (Universal Serial Bus) flash drives — also know as pocket drives, thumb drives, jump drives, memory sticks, or pen drives — are expected to be sold this year." Click for a technology description of flash memory.

WorkForce's are Mobilizing

Workforce's are mobilizing – that’s no secret. Research groups estimate that by 2008, most
professionals will spend at least one day a week working away from the office. That means IT managers need to ensure that these mobile workers have access to e-mail and other corporate resources, in a secure and reliable way. And that means SharePlayer/ShareDrives. "ShareDirves Big Impact,” a white paper by Xmultiple, will help you develop a plan to take full advantage of the business benefits of SharePlayer/ShareDive mobile technology. Call for a copy 805-579-1100.

Flash Drive Pricing

Samsung is one of the major manufacturers of flash memory and they have announced that they expect the price of flash memory to drop by roughly half in each of the next two to three years.

ShareDrives effect the way we work and play

People must be equipped with technical know-how – the ability to exchange information is part of the growing digital world.

Copying MP3 & photo’s for entertainment - to copying business information is a daily requirement. ShareDrives provide a new mobility

SharePlayers MP3 USB Flash Drives

Portable MP3 Player Ownership Continues To Rise

June 29, 2006

A new study from Ipsos research firm says that one in five Americans ages 12 and up now owns a portable MP3 player, a new statistical high. Also, one in 20 Americans in that age group now owns more than one portable music player. There is also increased interest among younger consumers in watching video on their players, but even more interest in their players doubling as a radio.

Last year's Ipsos TEMPO study showed that only 15 percent of Americans 12+ owned MP3 players, which this year's numbers put it at 20 percent. This is almost double the numbers from April 2003, when it was 11 percent. Six percent of Americans 12+ now own more than one player.

Looking at specific demographics, 54 percent of teens and 30 percent of 18-34 year-olds own a MP3 player. More males (24 percent) than females (16 percent) are MP3 player owners. Though 48 percent of music downloaders own a device, users' CD collections are still the main source of music for their players.

Almost a quarter of those surveyed have video-capable MP3 players, with over a third of 12-24 year-olds interested in watching videos on their devices, including 39 percent into music videos. However, the ability to use their MP3 player as a radio is even more popular an option, with 46 percent interested in being able to listen to FM radio on their device. Also, 39 percent were interested in the ability to listen to satellite radio on their player. Among 25-54 year-olds, radio interest was also an attractive feature.

A couple of years ago, the MP3 player market was a 100 percent Microdrive market, Microdrive is the brand-name used by Hitachi Global Storage Technologies for its 1-inch drives but is sometimes used by others to refer to the miniature form factor drives.

Today the boundary has shifted. All 1GB capacity MP3 players use flash memory. Flash memory storage has begun to encroach into the 2GB to 4GB capacity class market. Price-per-bit have moved flash memory's in favor over Microdrive designs.

This will be a continuing trend as long as the price drop per year continues for flash memory. This means by the end of this year, the majority
of 4GB [capacity] or lower MP3 players will be flash memory and not Microdrives.


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