FlashPoint ShareDrives and Multi-Port USB Hubs

FlashPoint ShareDrives are not compatible with USB multi-port hubs. FlashPoint ShareDrives should only be connected directly to a USB port on a laptop or desktop computer. If you use a USB multi-port hub you can create a power problem with your computer which will cause it to reboot. This is a normal case when a multi-port USB Hubs is used between the PC and the FlashPoint ShareDrive. This is caused because of incompatibility with power. The FlashPoint ShareDrive is equipped with a Li-ion battery, and the battery is charged by USB port; therefore it is necessary for the USB port to provide standard power current (500MA, 5V) to the FlashPoint. As for the multi-port Hub, it will offer only bus power (100mA, 5V) on each port unless there is an extra power adaptor on the Hub. Once the power source from the USB hub is not sufficient for the FlashPoint ShareDrive, the hub will be crashed and this will cause your PC to reboot.

FlashPoint ShareDrives must be directly attached to your PC's USB port. The power current for the FlashPoint to charge the Li-ion battery, requires the direct connection to the USB port for proper operation.


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