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SharePlayer 2G - Model FP04-200

MP3 SharePlayers are a new wave in MP3 Players. Take your MP3 experience on step further. MP3 SharePlayers provide all the capability of standard MP3 Players and they copy data on the go …….data on MP3 SharePlayers can be copied from one MP3 Player to another. And this is not the only thing different because you can copy any files or folders. MP3 SharePlayers perform like a flash memory drive as well. The MP3 SharePlayer have an integrated female USB connector so you can now plug a cable or another device into the same USB port in which the SharePlayer. With all of this added technology to the MP3 SharePlayers physical size remains the same as most MP3 Players. The FP04-200 is a 2 Gigabyte MP3 SharePlayer. MP3 SharePlayers are available in three colors including white, black and gold.

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