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ShareDrive Verses Thumbdrive/USB Bridge White Paper
ShareDrive Product Brochure
ShareDrive Specifications Brochure (1.5M, pdf)
ShareDrive Verses Thumbdrive/Pen Drives
ShareDrive MP3 Adapter/Player Datasheet
Crypt ShareDrives Datasheet
ShareDrive Product Summary (70K, pdf)
ShareDrive Video (2.2M, flash)
ShareDrive Logo (300dpi, png)
Application Note 350 - ShareDrive Battery
Application Note 401 - Price Comparison to Thumbdrives

Application Note 405 - A Necessity - Carry This Product At All Times
Application Note 460 - Flash Memory Technology

Share/Load Presentation Video
Quick Start Manual - ShareDrives
Full Version Manual - ShareDrives
ShareDrive Presentation
ShareDrive Market Presentation
ShareDrive Government Presentation
ShareDrive Education Presentation
White Paper - "The Big ShareDrive Impact on Mobility"
OEM Advantage Partner Program
Warranty Policy - Registration Form
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Gizmodo- The Gadget Weblog

"Clever, clever, SharePlayer. These ShareDrives are standard USB keys with a bit of Share-on-the-Go technology which allows you to swap data sans PC. The possible uses are myriad—perhaps a flash drive relay race in grade schools in which each team passes a bit of data to each other while running the President’s Physical Fitness Test mile? Maybe instead of the torch, Olympic athletes can pass SharePlayer"?


The ShareDrive technology means that a user does not need a desktop, laptop or PDA to copy files while on the go. The ShareDrive has a folder called "Share", used to store files that can be copied to another ShareDrive or USB memory key device that is attached.

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ShareDrives have an integrated female USB connector and the drives have a battery built-in. Pushing a button starts to copy files.

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