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Crypt-ShareDrive- The ShareDrive with portable encryption

(For use with Windows® and Macintosh®)

The Crypt-ShareDrive is a FlashPoint ShareDrive device which includes powerful file encryption and compression software. The Crypt-ShareDrive has all the mobile copy capabiltiy of ShareDrives with Sharing-On-The-Go Technology. The Crypt-ShareDrive fits in the palm of your hand and connects to other ShareDrives or USB flash memory devices. To access data on the Crypt-ShareDrive a user must input a password. To access folders and files on the Crypt-ShareDrive the user must input passwords. The Crypt-ShareDrive provides double protection for users. No decodes are required it as simple as providing a password and the files are uncoded automatically. Copy data from one ShareDrive to another or from a ShareDrive to a standard USB thumbdrive witht safely and securely and have the peace of mind that your files are protected.

* Password protection with encryption for all file types
* No software installation
* High compression
* Private Internet browsing

* Folders and Files are protected to copy from your Sharedrive


File Security: Included with every Crypt-ShareDrive is the FlashPoint ShareDrive Sharing-On-The-Go (SOTG) software to copy from one ShareDrive to another or from a ShareDrive to a USB Thumbdrive of your choice. Fast and easy coping. Files and Folders are encrypted and compressed to after you copy data a user must hava password to open and access the data. Important files stay protected on the Crypt-ShareDrive and files and folders stay protected after they are copied. Protect your files when traveling and copy when you are mobile.

Compression: The compression feature in the Crypt-ShareDrives software will enable you to store up to three times as much data on the Crypt-ShareDrive.

Crypt-ShareDrives are idea for copy secure files and folders when you are outside the office or home.

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Crypt FlashPoint ShareDrive Datasheet


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